Lots of reading

I’ve been away at our friends’ wedding, which was onboard a ship en route to America! It’s lovely to have people help out with my romance research in this way … um, you won’t tell them they might end up in a story, will you?

Gary and I had three days in New York before flying back. That was just about enough time to see all the sky scrapers, Central Park, the memorial pools at The World Trade centre, Grand Central station, the Statue of Liberty … in fact every iconic NYC sight you can think of. We even saw a policeman on a horse amongst the steam rising up through the pavement. Here’s me in the fabulous Rose reading room of New York City library.

When I returned I had more reading waiting for me, as copies of My Weekly and Allas magazine had arrived, each containing one of my stories. OK, I confess I can’t read Swedish, but it’s still nice to see my name in there and the illustration is rather nice. In case you’re wondering, the title is Romance is Dead and it’s about zombies – in a nice way.

The Parent Test in My Weekly has the more traditional magazine subject of family relationships, and as you’ve probably guessed from the lovely photo, it’s set at a firwork display. The cheeky grin of the model seems just right for my character Claudia.

I also have a couple of short news articles in Writer’s Forum, which should be in the shops any day now. Under my reports, the editor has mentioned my ‘excellent’ blog. *blushes*





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