Moments of joy

My story, Moments Of Joy, is in the current issue of My Weekly. Isn’t the illustration lovely?

As you’ve probably worked out, the story involves someone blowing bubbles. It was inspired by a visit to York Minster. It was a sunny day and the streets were full of happy tourists enjoying the history and beauty of the city.

As I walked round I saw bubbles drifting down the road at about head height. They were very pretty, but such an odd contrast to all the stone buildings I looked around to make sure other people could see them too. They had – and several were laughing or taking photos.

That made me wonder what impact similar bubbles might have in a more ordinary location and on someone who wasn’t already in a good mood. I decided it was just possible they could create tiny moments of joy.

If you read the story, I hope you enjoy it. If you’d like a longer read you might enjoy my romantic novel Escape To The Country, which is set on a farm in the beautiful kent countryside. The ebook is currently reduced to 99p (99c). There’s a paperback version too, which can be bought online or borrowed from some libraries.


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