Not lost in translation

I have a story in the 4th June issue of Scandinavian magazine Allers. It’s a reprint from when it appeared in Allas two years ago.

They’ve changed the title and I can’t read the language it’s printed in (Swedish? Norwegian?). Those things together with the fact I wrote it years ago, might have meant I had trouble identifying it. Thankfully there are enough details in the illustration to jog my memory.

It’s said that a picture paints a thousand words and this one certainly includes most of the elements from the 1,000 word story.

Can you guess the plotline?

Interestingly (to me anyway) the story was first published in Greek in 2011. There is an English version too, as it’s one of 24 slightly spooky stories in this collection.


4 thoughts on “Not lost in translation

    1. Thanks, Becky.

      It is odd seeing my stories in a different language.

      No, not war – but there is a far smaller scale conflict and my original title did have the word ‘battle’ in it.

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  1. Greek and Scandinavian (using the generic as we can’t pinpoint the exact) language). Your talents know no bounds. (I’m curious as to the Greek publication. Also, are Allers now providing comp copies?)
    There’s a lot going on in that photo, too much to interpret. It’s like a visual random word generator – mobile phone, traffic cones, pencils, picture frames, thief (or someone with x-Ray vision?), stapler, children, car, black cloud.
    I haven’t a clue!

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    1. Thanks, Bea.

      The Greek publication was an anthology of all the stories placed in a competition.

      Yes, I got a comp. copy of Allers. First time that’s happened to me, but I did hear about someone else getting one recently.


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