Room to Grow

My short story Room To Grow is in the current (May 4th) issue of The People’s Friend. It’s one of my rare historical pieces – or maybe I mean nostalgic, as it’s set in the 60s?

The main character, Anne, and I have a few things in common. We both grew up on a small farm and neither of us would be completely comfortable without the opportunity to somehow grow a few plants.

I’m fortunate in having a garden filled with flowers and as there’s just a tiny picture of a cake alongside my story in the magazine, I’m illustrating this post with some garden photos I took yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Room to Grow

  1. I always think of historical as being costume drama, and use the phrase period drama for more recent time frames. Although having looked it up I see that historical and period drama are interchangeable. Nice story by the way. Love the fact that the advert sharing the page with your story is for ‘Grow Your Own’ Magazine – very appropriate!

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