Family stuff

Don’t worry, I’m not about to tell you what my relations have been up to – I have a reputation for writing believable stuff and I’d like to keep it! I do have a few bits of news which are family related though.

One is that my short story collection Keep It In The Family is currently reduced to 99p (or 99c depending where you live). It’s also been featured on the Book Hippo site which I’m pleased about as although the can’t read every word of every book they mention, they do carry out a few quality control checks, meaning being selected is something to be proud of.

There’s a fourth book in my family collection available now, but as that will be on special offer in a couple of week’s time, I’ll be back with a special post about Family Feeling.

The last bit of family related news is that I’ll be giving a short talk about families in my fiction, and reading some of my stories from these collections at Lee-on-the-Solent library. It’s free to attend, but you’re requested to book in advance as space is limited.


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