Friends in Fiction

I’m very pleased to have a story in the special Valentine’s issue of Ireland’s Own. The issue also includes a story by Maeve Binchey and another by my writing friend S. Bee, so I’m in really good company!

My story, Thirty Years On, is about a couple celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary with a trip to the same seaside resort, Harrington-on-Sea, where they had their honeymoon. They eat quite a lot of cake, so you can be assured this story is very thoroughly researched.

As is often the case I used the names of friends for the characters. The real Geoff and Edna have never been to Harrington-on-Sea (tricky as I made it up along with the entire plot) but a little of their personalities may have crept into the fictioal versions – only the nicest bits of course. The ‘complaint’ about Geoff is entirely unjustified.

Sadly Edna is no longer with us. She was a writer herself and I like to think she’d be pleased with the fact that she lives on, having fun and taking trips, in a work of fiction.



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