Dying for votes!

I have a 100 word story called ‘Deathbed’ in this competition. I hope you enjoy it and that if you do, you’ll email in a vote for STORY #5.



3 thoughts on “Dying for votes!

  1. Hiya Patsy!

    Long time no hear (I am suitably ashamed, honestly I am). I hope you are well and enjoying life as always!
    I thought I’d start making amends for the long FB silence by casting a vote for your story but the link doesn’t work for me. Could it be that it is a uK only competition perhaps?

    Say hi to the rest of the FB gang for me, I’ll be visiting shortly once all the craziness here (too long a story for now) has died down..

    Much love,

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    1. Eva! Lovely to hear from you. Yes, I’ll pass that on.

      Re the competition – the organisers changed the website address part way in (something technical happed!) and I forgot to update it on here. It should work here – and it should bi international.


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