Finnish fiction – finally!

Oh, OK I confess the post title owes more to my liking for alliteration than it does to any ongoing struggle to get published by a magazine in Finland. Actually, I’ve made absolutely no effort to do that – and yet have still achieved it!

Thank you to my writing friend Beatrice Charles, who spotted it on Readly.

Finnish magazine Allers is a sister publication to the Swedish magazine Allas, who have published quite a few of my stories. By the terms of their contract, buying the story for one publication in the group means they can use it elsewhere. I don’t get any more money, but I do get to stick another pin in my world domination map, and it’s nice to know the story will entertain more readers.

I love the illustration – I have a rolling pin just like that!




5 thoughts on “Finnish fiction – finally!

  1. Wow! Congratulations, Patsy! Do you send a story to a whole bunch of magazines at a time? Or do you send them out one by one and wait until you hear back from a magazine before you send a story to another mag? The latter is what I’ve always done, but I’m wondering if I’m losing out this way!

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