Lost Sparkle

My story Lost Sparkle is in the current issue of Woman’s Weekly. It’s set in a doctor’s surgery, which is where I got the idea for it. Everyone there looked quite healthy, including myself I hope as I wasn’t unwell, just there for a check that all was well with a minor procedure I’d had a month previously. As I waited my turn I tried to think of reasons, other than their own illness, for people visiting a G.P.

I can’t show you the illustration from the magazine as I’ve not seen it myself yet (unusually I didn’t get the ‘Desknet’ notification which would have alerted me to the fact it would soon appear. I wouldn’t have know if someone hadn’t asked me about it.)

This face on a plate doesn’t feature in the story, but another (a snowman with sweetcorn teeth) does.

Considering the wide range of places, events and memories from which I gather story ideas, it’s a wonder the results aren’t quite a lot weirder.


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