I do like to be …

… beside the seaside. That’s how the song goes, and it’s true that I like being near the sea. That might explain why the coast features in quite a few of my stories.

I also like being in magazines. Well, when I say me, really I mean my name in the byline of stories. I’m not so bothered about geting my face on the page.

Currently I have a story In Take a Break’s Fiction Feast – The Pier. That one is set at Sothsea Pier, and features a murmuration of starlings. Although I’ve watched them, I’m yet to capture them with my camera. Kites flying over Southsea is much easier!

Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special has two of my stories in – Ghostly Goings-on At Gran’s House (which involves cakes!) and Crazy Cat Lady. I can’t think what gave me the idea for that one as really I’m more of a dog person…


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