A light shower

For the first couple of weeks this month, I worked hard on my NaNo novel. Then I got distracted by a few short story ideas. Writing them slowed down the novel’s progress considerably, but I’m back to it now.

I have a story in the My Weekly Annual 2018 (thanks to Jackie Sayle for the picture – I haven’t been able to track down a copy yet) and another in Take a Break’s Fiction Feast. I’ve also had news of further acceptances in England, Australia and Sweden. News like that is very motivating.



3 thoughts on “A light shower

    1. That is great stuff, Patsy. I know what you mean with distraction. I always admire writers of a short story. I can’t do them, I have too much to tell and I end up with an almost finished novel.
      Well done you! Love the illustration too. Very colourful. Xxxx


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