The starting line

dsc_0546I have an article in the current (November) issue of Writing Magazine. The subject is getting started as a writer.

Talking of writing about writing, today I saw a pdf of part of the layout for my new book From Story Idea to Reader which I’ve co-written with Rosemary J. Kind. It looks really good!

As I (very nearly) have a non-fiction book, I’ve added a new page to the website. Don’t know if I’ll ever write another non-fiction one, but this time last year I didn’t know I was going to write this one.


8 thoughts on “The starting line

  1. Congratulations, Patsy! Sounds like a really helpful article for newbies. This reminds me that I have a little piece I meant to submit to Writer’s Digest. Maybe I’ll send it to Writing Magazine instead. Of course, it’s not easy to get into these writing magazines, but I’ll give it a try.

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      1. Hi Patsy, I’m having a problem finding the submission guidelines for Writing Magazine! I can’t find them on their website. Can you direct me to them, please? Many thanks!


  2. Fay, if you mean for articles they don’t have formal guidelines anywhere – you just ‘pitch’ your idea to the editor and if he’s intrested he’ll discuss the details with you. (That’s the usual approach with non-fiction to any magazine)


    1. Thanks, Patsy. That’s a shame. Most magazines over this side of the pond say what they are looking for – number of words, payment, etc. I think I have a Writing Magazine somewhere that a friend brought back from England for me. I’ll dig it out and see what kind of articles they use, length, etc.


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