Looking Back

TAB_9159Although I’m very interested in history, and it was my job for five years, I’ve so far only attempted one historical story.

Portrait Of A Wife is in the current (May) issue of Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special. It’s set in the Tudor period.

I love the illustration – and not just because it includes some purple!


7 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. It is a particularly fascinating period of history, Dolores – perhaps because we’re fortunate to know quite a bit about it.

    Nosiness is an admirable quality (although I could be biased!) I worked on HMS Victory. That too was fascinating.

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    1. It isgood to try something different, Anne – and luckily I’d already done much of the research through the many books I’ve read set at the time.


      1. Ah Haaah – `tis the secret life of You on youtube! (ONE of your secret lives…). You glamouressness, you, and so at ease in front of the camera!

        And I knew HMS Victory rang a bell – George and I have been on this very tour some years ago – not with you though, with A Man… It was indeed fascinating to plunge down to the innards of the ship and see just how horrid it must have been for sailors of yore! (I remember the tour very well, wasn`t quite sure it was the Victory – dreadful lack of brain).

        The youtube clip is great – all those merry fellas spurring you on from behind their tea-mugs!

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