Through The Garden Gate.

TTGG kindleMy latest book Through The Garden Gate, another collection of 24 garden related stories, is available now. If you’d like the kindle version and don’t mind waiting a few weeks, you’ll be able to get it for 99p/99c between 12th and 19th of April.

Shirley can’t see the beauty Hugh pictures in the patch of bare earth, but is happy to help him bury the flower bulbs as deep as she keeps her secret. The Adkins always put on a brave face, something Iris is determined to do, even if she doesn’t know why it’s needed.

Julie and her cousin are twigs from the same branch, so why does she feel like a sapling in the shade of his mighty oak? Ryan knows he’s good at nurturing plants – can he learn to do the same with the family he longs for? Like snowdrops underground, Ollie waits throughout the winter of Jasmine’s life, until she’s ready to accept the warmth of spring and his love.

Jamie feels safe in the garden. If he’s really good, maybe they’ll let him stay. ‘The lad’ hasn’t been seen on the allotments for days and Bert has a horrible feeling he’s responsible. Everyone says Peace Cottage is a wonderful house, surrounded by a lovely garden, so why won’t anyone live there?

Gardens, plants and people all have their stories. Step through the garden gate and I’ll tell you a few.



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