Waiting With A Hook

My Weekly_8809I have a story in the current (8-14 March) issue of My Weekly. The editor has changed the title to ‘A Lifetime Of Memories’ which suits it just as well as my original one of ‘Waiting With A Hook’. I only mention that one because
I think it, plus the illustrations, might give you a clue about theMy Weekly_8810 subject.



My Weekly_8811My Weekly like to publish the ‘inspiration’ for the stories they print. You’ll see they’ve also, very kindly, given me a plug for my latest novel, Firestarter


6 thoughts on “Waiting With A Hook

    1. I’m usually happy to go along with the changes – perhaps because so far they’be always been fairly minor. Editors know what their readers want, how the magazine will be laid out and which illustration will be used. They will also need to fit in with any house style.


  1. How interesting, Patsy. The original title made me think of having come up with a hook of a story to get someone to read the next chapter, and waiting for The Rest of the book… (I usually come up with A Word and have to wait quite some time for The Rest). Glad they gave Firestarter a plug, and no more than it and you deserve!

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