It’s all in the prep …

Woman's Weekly_8754I have a story in both Take a Break’s Fiction Feast and Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special this month (April issues). Coincidentally both stories were written as homework for my writing group. A different prompt is supplied each month and we each try to write a ‘prep’ for this.

For Shadow Dancer in TABFF the prompt was ‘the shadow on the wall’. The story features ballet dancers. I don’t dance and very rarely watch any ballet, but the image of the shadow dancer came to mind as soon as I started thinking about what to write. Then, of course, I was forced to Google lots of images of fit young men in tights for research about the different positions and moves.

The prompt for Never a Quiet Moment was ‘never a quiet moment’. It’s amazing how imaginative we writers can be at times …


One thought on “It’s all in the prep …

  1. Blimey, Patsy, your rate of output is flabbergasting! Writing a `prep` sounds a great idea – shall ponder upon these two prompts, but first perhaps one should follow in your Google footsteps – a surge of vigour will surely result…

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