It seemCamellias a very long time ago now, but I once lived in a house which had a gorgeous white camellia bush outside the back door. One day I discovered one on the doormat. Every petal had been shredded.

If I’d been muscling in on the Gosport Mafia’s dodgy dealings I’d have been seriously worried, but as I’m actually boringly law abiding (and as far as I know there isn’t a Gosport Mafia anyway) I was just intrigued. Not being able to solve the mystery in reality, I resorted to fiction and wrote a story.

One of the female characters is very untidy. That too is something which, just possibly, may be based on reality.

Charming Camelia is in the current (Feb 19th) issue of Ireland’s Own. Thanks to writing buddy Beatrice Charles for spotting the magazine before I did and for allowing me to use her photo.



3 thoughts on “Camellia

  1. Mm wish I could read it, but it’s hard to find I.O round here. They have back copies on ebay, which would be good for research. Someone told me that if you’ve had an article published with them, they’re more likely to accept a short story. Still trying to think up an origional and great idea. Leprachaun’s and how kissing the blarney stone has improved my life comes to mind.

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