Who’s the daddy?

TAB_8503My story in the current (March) issue of Take a Break’s Fiction Feast was inspired by a prompt from a writing buddy in an online group I belong to. Thanks Niddy Reece!

I Want My Real Dad features Mary, a soon-to-be bride whose stepfather has raised her since she was a toddler. The prompt Niddy set was ‘growing up with Nigel’ and I used Nigel as Mary’s biological father. In the story he’s raising the delicate issue of who will walk her down the aisle.TAB_8504

Spookily, the day after I sent in my story, I saw something on the internet which very closely resembled a scene from the story. If it had been an old report I’d have assmed I once saw it and had stored it in my subconscious and then recreated it without realising. As it was a very recent report, I knew that couldn’t have been the case. My memory is bad, but not that bad!


6 thoughts on “Who’s the daddy?

  1. I can’t wait to read it Patsy. Oddly enough I had a similar experience (no, not with my Dad!) I completed a story and saw almost the same events in a news story the next day. Strange, isn’t it?

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