Review of ‘Firestarter’ by Patsy Collins

A review of my novel, ‘Firestarter’.

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Animated fireAlice Bakewell has a thing about being rescued from a blazing building by a hunky fireman, using a fireman’s lift – obviously.  “But I’m so over it,” she tells her sister, Kate.  Well, maybe.  When Alice and Kate meet ex-schoolfriend, Hamish, on the Fire Service stand at the New Parks Show and he offers to ‘rescue’ Alice as part of his demonstration, she declines, because she is in a relationship with Boring Tony and it wouldn’t be right.  However, when she dumps Boring Tony and romance kindles between Alice and Hamish, a series of false alarm calls are sent to the emergency services.  Alice and Hamish wonder if Tony is responsible. In addition, Alice has her job to worry about, the lack of orders and the mysterious new contract which boss Miles promises.  On top of that, there is Louise, Hamish’s jealous bird-watching friend, who threatens to kill

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