The Passing Year

Woman's Weekly_7824I have two stories in the January issue of Women’s Weekly Fiction Special. It seems odd to me that the issue which contains the Christmas stories, arrives with subscribers at the end of November and is in the shops now is the January issue, but I’m sure someone has a good reason for that

Unfriending Moira is about the differences between online friendships and ‘real’ ones. I started it when an online friend made a posting which slightly irritated me. My usual response to an annoyance is to fight back with fiction! I diWoman's Weekly_7826dn’t stay annoyed for long, but finished the story anyway.

A Year in the New Garden follows the lives of the characters Ruby and Callum who first appeared in a WWFS story early this year. That’s the closest I’ve so far come to writing a series.

btw, if anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas, a silk scarf to match the border illustration for the story would be nice. Isn’t it pretty?
Woman's Weekly_7827 Woman's Weekly_7828


4 thoughts on “The Passing Year

  1. Great news on the acceptances, Patsy. Look forward to reading them as well. I’m usually behind with magazines as they come out so quick and fast. Hope I wasn’t the online annoying person:?/ Some people can be annoying can’t they? And I don’t think they have a clue they’re doing it either… Enough said. Just been reading your part in Simon’s article as well in the January writing mag. When I saw the name Leah I knew I knew it from somewhere, Escape to the Country of course.


  2. No, it wasn’t you annoying me, Suzy. You end up in my stories for entirely different reasons!

    I’m sure you’re right about the annoying people not realising. Things come across differently online sometimes – and of course the person making the comments doesn’t know what mood we’ll be in when we read it.


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