Attention to detail

TAB_6446As a writer, I like to think I’m quite observant. Who knows when I’ll be able to work that intruiging line of dialogue, peculiar mannerism or unexpected event into a story?

The last time I moved house (the last time ever I hope!) I noticed that people focus  on different aspects when viewing a property. For me the garden is important, my husband considers maintenance issues. Others might be concerned with parking, school catchment areas or how easily friends can visit. I dredged my memory for these differences when writing House of Smiles which is in the current (November) issue of Take a Break Fiction Feast.UTGP cover

When the magazine arrived (I subscribe) I, as usual, checked the contents page to see if my story had been used. We don’t always know in which issue they’ll appear. I was very pleased to see I have two in this month.

Next I had a look at the illustrations. I really liked the one for House of Smiles. It seemed familiar somehow. I shan’t embarrass myself by admitting how long it was before I realised that what I was reminded of was one of my own book covers!

If you like my magazine stories you’ll like Up the Garden Path – a collection of 24 garden related short stories.


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