I’m working onWedding_6328 a new romantic novel set on a farm and spent the weekend researching. Well, OK I was visiting my dad and some of his animals, but as he lives on a farm and, lanimals_6365ike one of my characters, drives carriages for weddings, that’s much the same thing.

I’m not sure if I’ll include any piglets, but these had only just been boanimals_6363rn so I couldn’t resist taking a photo.

Horses and dogs will definitely be important elements, as will weddings.

Hmmm, I wonder if eating wedding cake would be legitimate research? I do like wedding cake.


6 thoughts on “Research

  1. Thing is, is it fruit cake, chocolate or plain sponge? You can have all kinds of wedding cake, even a meringue in some cases. Lots of fairy cakes piled high are popular now as well. You may be some time on the cake research I feel:)) Lovely photos.

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