All About Her

I’m veryWoman's Weekly_6134 pleased to have a story in the current (September) issue of Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special. ‘All About Her’ is my original title and I’m pleased they’ve kept it (titles are quite often changed by the editor to fit in with a layout or because the editor feels something different better reflects the storyline) Woman's Weekly_6133

This story is about a gossip. In case you’re wondering if writers listen to gossip … of course we do! Where else do you think we get our ideas?


6 thoughts on “All About Her

  1. Congratulations, Patsy! I wish we could get British magazines in the Bahamas. We used to, many years ago. And it’s too expensive to take out annual subscriptions. Also, magazines can get “lost” in the mail! I am so grateful when a friend occasionally brings back copies of British magazines for me.

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