I won!

I like to enter writing competitions for several reasons. One is that they provide the possibilty of finding a homeDSC_0006 for a piece of writing which I wouldn’t be able to get published through the magazines I usually write for.

I like the competitions even better when I win – as I did here with my story Iceberg. As I’ve never photographed an Iceberg I had to use a slightly less obvious illustration. You’ll have to read the story to see why I thought it was close enough!


6 thoughts on “I won!

  1. Thanks, Suzy.

    I hadn’t realised you needed to log in to see it. I’m a member of the site and my computer must log me in automatically.


  2. Well done on the win!
    Thanks for checking my website. I had a good look around yours, it all seems to be working perfectly and not a typo in sight. I also discovered your gardening blog – more distractions for me!


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