I don’t usually write poetry, but when someone as talented as Aoife Mannix encourages you to have a try, it’s rude not to.

Writer in Residence Aoife Mannix

Here’s another great poem written by one of my workshop participants. Don’t forget the deadline for submitting to our anthology is July 20th. You can find out more information here.

A Sense of Time Passing
by Patsy Collins
inspired by Plaques, 1939 and 1963, Engraved and enamelled metal, former Victoria Swimming Baths in Portsmouth

Coconutty suntan lotion applied hit and miss
and candyfloss sweet lipsalve kisses
splash over the chlorine and Germoline for scraped shins.
Ice cream drips off chins
It’s not quite washed away as they pass this way
and plan the salads for the diets they’ll follow

Soaring up, echoing about are the shouts and squeals of children
released for summer. Rushing, in
ready to swim, they don’t hear the fainter waves.
Those made by grandfathers, great grandfathers.
‘We’ll be back soon,’ the promises as they were swept to war.
Many meant. Not so many kept.

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